Genuine Blue Zircon 7 Stone Ring in 14k White Gold

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $1,095.00

What a beauty this Zircon ring is. Zircon dates back approximately 4 billion years, zircon is one of the oldest minerals on Earth. Zircon gemstones were a popular choice for jewelry in the Victorian era when they were used as a popular diamond substitute. They are found in heirloom jewelry dating from the 1880s. It is a birthstone for December, along with turquoise and tanzanite.

Zircon is associated with all the chakras. It is used by crystal healers to alleviate physical and mental ailments. Beneficial properties include reducing fevers, soothing pains, relieving stomach cramps, asthma, lung problems and menstrual pains. Zircon is believed to stimulate the liver and is helpful for people detoxing from nicotine, alcohol and other substances. It is said to balance the adrenal glands when stressed or overtaxed at work. In the metaphysical world, it is valued as a cure for both nightmares and insomnia as it promotes restful sleep.

Mentally, zircon helps deal with loss and grief, as well as boosts passion for life and work. Zircon is used to aid in meditation and developing psychic intuition. It is said to clear negative energy and has a protective aura. Other properties attributed to zircon are that it can attract wisdom, success, honor and wealth. Zircon is also credited with helping one become more organized.

Specs below. Please note this ring can be made in any size and any gemstone so if Zircon is not your desire but you love the look, inquire for details on another stone.


Weight: 2.0412 DWT (3.17 grams)
Approx. Shoulder Width: 2.45 mm
Approx. Finger Size: 7
Approx. Top Height: 3.8 mm
Approx. Height: 22.9 mm
Approx. Shank Base Thickness: 1.61 mm
Approx. Shank Base Width: 2.5 mm
Approx. Length: 20.92 mm
Approx. Width: 2.85 mm
Plating Type: 14k white gold
Surface Finish: Polished
Primary Stone Shape: Round
Primary Stone Size: 2.5 mm
Diamond Clarity: N/A
Diamond Color: N/A
Approx. Top Dimensions: 2.85 mm
Primary Stone Count: 7-stone