Hippy Tree Hugger: Bohemian Earth Bracelet

Rei of Light

  • $99.00

Love nature, the earth, all the beautiful and natural things that surround us because they all mean life. If you are a true ecologist or you just love what mother nature wants to offer us, then the "Tree Hugger” Bohemian Earth Bracelet is the perfect item for you.

A beautiful and special piece of bohemian jewelry, made from natural gemstones, rare and unique pieces for the beautiful woman or handsome man in you! The stones are perfectly combined and the colors are also earthy shades, following the pattern of the sky, earth, water, green nature. All of them brought together for your delight.

The tree hugger bohemian earth bracelet has in the center a beautiful avocado turquoise, a special stone known for its protective powers and it aligns and balances all of your chakras. After that we have vintage record vinyl spacers, followed by heishi turquoise, pyrite, yellow turquoise, red creek jasper and black onyx. The Pyrite chases away confusion, sheds light, encouraging decision making and taking action. Another special stone is the red creek jasper, a stone that is considered the supreme protector because it absorbs negativity and aligns the chakras in a positive way. The black onyx balances, grounds and absorbs negativity, increasing concentration and letting through the positive vibrations. The bohemian style bracelet has great healing energy for the person who wears it, whether they know it or not. The bracelet is adorned with a bronze colored Tree of Life  charm. Follow your Rei of Light and discover your true-self!

  • Center faceted nugget of turquoise
  • Heishi turquoise rondelle
  • Smooth Pyrite rondelle
  • 10mm stones of smooth yellow turquoise, red creek jasper and black onyx
  • Vintage record vinyl spacers
  • Tree of Life Charm
  • Fits any size wrist. Inquire for larger size. Designed at 7" for women and 8" for a man. Unisex bracelet
  • Note: All stones are natural and will have different variation in color