We Are The World Aqua Blue Magnesite and White Jade Bracelet

Rei of Light

  • $92.00

You can now easily obtain a stylish look that will attract everyone’s admiration, wearing this amazing We are the World white jade bracelet. Featuring an impressive combination of white jade and aquamarine Magnesite, this bracelet is an excellent choice not only for its fashionable look, but also for its powers. What makes this bracelet so wonderful is the design of the Magnesite stones, which make you think about the World, about the Earth itself, given the colors and shapes that appear on each of these beautiful stones.
The white jade smooth stones have a size of 10mm and they are a harmonious complement to the round, smooth aquamarine Magnesite stones, which measure 12mm each. The beautiful appearance of this bracelet is adorned with an attached tree of life charm silver, which contributes to creating a unique appeal of this bracelet.
Besides the splendid appeal of this white jade bracelet, it is also impressive through its powers. The white jade stones used for it help you direct your energy to envision the most advantageous result of a certain situation.
All these beautiful stones are placed on a stretch magic cord, which allows this accessory to fit any wrist of up to 7.5 inches.
May be ordered to fit smaller or larger wrist sizes.

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