photo of Blue Copper and Gold Turquoise Earrings

Vitality: Blue Copper and Gold Turquoise Earrings

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Enjoy the kiss of good health with natural elements. Good health is necessary to enjoy our life. We also need to be healthy and strong to pursue our goals with vigor. However, often stress and tension do not allow us to operate at our best. You can use natural elements to boost your health and lead a balanced life. Use natural stones to affect your health positively. Copper turquoise is one such stone that brings a lot of health benefits. So, we have used it to create a lovely set of earrings that you can wear every day.

- Copper turquoise is a fascinating stone. These stones are made by crumbling turquoise and adding copper to it. Thus, the stones get the copper impressions which add to their appeal.

- The sky blue color of the copper turquoise is striking. It catches attention and so we have used pyramid-shaped turquoise pieces to create a unique set of earrings for you.  Turquoise has many healing and mystical qualities. Did you know is it soothing for the throat and is good for the eyes? It purifies the liver. The natural stone will strengthen your muscles. If you are seeking relief from cramps and pain, wear these earrings. Turquoise is a must have possession when traveling.

- We have used gold filled wire to wrap the turquoise pieces. This gives the earrings a striking look. The pyramid shape of the turquoise pieces makes it catch attention easily. The earring is lightweight so you can wear them for long hours.
With striking, light weight gold filled loops to put in through the ear holes, the earrings are easy to wear. Don them to match with your outfits and create a fashionable statement. The earrings are ideal for both formal and casual outfits.
Include this pair of earrings in your wardrobe so that you can also flaunt the matchless beauty of copper turquoise. Wear these dainty pieces and look ravishing.

Specs: Gold filled ear wires

Stone: Copper Turquoise 

Wire; Gold filled 

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