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Soul Evolution Leather Turquoise Cuff Bracelet

Rei of Light

  • $169.00

This brown leather turquoise cuff bracelet features the combination of the natural materials of a vibrant Turquoise stone. This one is a real eye catching design. The chunk of Turquoise is set with a creative weaved wire wrapped technique in sterling silver wire, copper and bronze.  Each Turquoise stone is set in the center of the leather cuff has different natural colors, highlights, shapes and tones so that each bracelet will be a true one of a kind piece.  Every stone is handpicked for its uniqueness. The brown leather cuff is made with a high quality hide leather.

  • 2 snaps options for those with a small wrist or will fit up to a to 9" wrist

Turquoise has impressive metaphysical properties that encourage empathy, but this will not hold you back from being able to speak with forthrightness when required. The energy of the stone will assist you to feel calm and relaxed when speaking in public. Turquoise stones also can help you to contribute more to conversations, and to be aware when what you have to say has value and validity. Turquoise are some of the oldest stones to be made into jewelry. This may be because they were recognized to have impressive metaphysical properties, and are powerful healing stones. The clear vibration of these stones strongly resonate within the throat and third eye chakras. This may allow you to access past life knowledge.

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