photo of Blue Topaz Connector Gold Prong Setting Pendant Necklace

Touch of Class : Blue Topaz Connector Gold Prong Setting Pendant Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $82.00

Maybe what you need is a touch of topaz! It can bring joy and abundance to your life. That’s why topaz is widely popular. Here is a blue topaz chain that’s hard to ignore.

The blue topaz wins the heart with its sparkle. We have used a trillion-cut connector to hold it that brings out the beauty of the stone. The gold prone setting creates a brilliant effect along with making the chain lightweight and durable. The story doesn’t end here. The zircon pave diamonds nicely complements the topaz and adds radiance to the dainty gold chain.

Wear this chain to reap the combined benefits of blue topaz and pave zircon. Topaz heals, soothes, recharges, and realigns the meridians of the body. It brings joy and good health.

Zircon boosts emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. It also enhances prosperity, so, along with topaz, it will transform your life.

Wear this necklace daily to reap the advantages. It will gel with most outfits making you look attractive.