photo of Black Onyx Oval Connector Chain Earrings

Stepping Stones: Black Onyx Oval Connector Chain Earrings

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  • $69.99

Redefine yourself with these earrings made of black onyx. Circular pieces of black onyx resting inside a 24k gold chain render a strong impression. The golden oval bezel connector and the black onyx chain heighten the beauty of the earrings and create a dramatic appearance.

Get a complete makeover with these earrings in black onyx. They are perfect for daily wear and those special occasions when you want to grab attention. Match them with your dresses, skirts and top sets, and even jeans for a funky look. Wear your attitude and give out strong vibes with these black onyx earrings.

Far ages. black onyx is known for its many “powers” and is extremely valuable. It has strong grounding properties and can remove unpleasant energies from the environment around you. The gemstone balances, grounds and absorbs negativity, so only good vibrations can get through. Creativity is encouraged as you can focus better, get more ideas via constructive thinking and logical reasons, and take beneficial decisions.  Be the master of your own future by wearing black onyx.

  • Earrings are quite lightweight so you feel comfortable while wearing them.

You can even gift these earrings to your friends and relatives for birthdays and anniversaries. They will thank you for a thoughtful gift that will bring healing touches to their lives.


  • Type: Oval shape gold bezel connector
  • Gemstone: Black onyx.
  • Mechanism: Fish hook.


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