Seat of the Soul : Labradorite Gemstone Pear Shaped Gold Hoop Earrings

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Here is something for your soul – small pieces of labradorite individually wire wrapped together to create an enchanting set of earrings. The mystic stones will bring strength and perseverance to your life. Labradorite helps to win over fears and insecurities and stimulates the imagination.

Apart from its brilliant tones; it has spiritual significance as well. It aids in offering support during times of change. It is said to have protective properties that help to keep out undesirable energies. The gemstone enhances intuitive powers and consciousness, while boosting the immune system. 

 Labradorite is known for its remarkable color spectrum. Each stone is individually wrapped  onto a golden ball headpin to create this striking set for you. The closed lever-back ear wire makes it easy for you to wear the earrings. Have you noticed the unique shape of the earring component? It brings out the beauty of the stones and makes the earring so exquisite that you won’t want to take them off.

They are ideal for daily wear and those special occasions when you want to feel special. The earrings are perfect as gifts also. Adorn these earrings and raise your consciousness while radiating beauty and confidence.


  • Gemstone: Faceted labradorite.
  • Mechanism: Gold filled fish hook.
  • Wire wrapping: Gold filled
  • Component: Gold filled chandelier pear shape

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