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Be Calm: Blue Chalcedony Teardrop Earrings

Rei of Light

  • $68.00

Get your inspiration from the beautiful things around you and obtain a gorgeous look at the same feeling a sense of calmness with Blue Chalcedony earrings! Rei of Light offers you beautiful and unique jewelry, that will bring only positive effects upon you.

Feel the calmness in these very special pair of earrings, designed from the desire to offer people something more than just a jewelry. These are spiritual and inspirational earrings that also provide healing energy for the person who wears them.

A gorgeous pair of earrings like these is a must have for a woman’s jewelry collection, a bridal party, bride or as a special gift. You will always turn heads when wearing these statement blue chalcedony earrings The stone is vibrant color of blue chalcedony which is suspended in the center, offering a chic and enticing look. The unique design comes from the mixed metal combination between silver and gold which means they will look great on everyone whether they are a "silver person" or a "gold person." The teardrop frame is made from sterling silver, while the unique wrapped wire from the top are gold filled and the supreme blue stone completes the look.

They are ready to be worn at a classy event, but you can also match them with some casual-chic clothes for an impressive look. The chalcedony stone encourages beautiful feelings like kindness, generosity and the ability to listen to others. Discover your true self and find the courage to always express you feelings, find your own Rei of Light!

  • Faceted blue chalcedony heart shape stone
  • Teardrop sterling silver earring component- 42x21mm
  • Sterling silver ear wire
  • Unique design combining sterling silver and gold filled wire

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