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Pretty in Pink Swarovski Crystal Earrings

Rei of Light

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Enigmatic Swarovski Crystal Earrings: Swarovski crystals have brought about a dynamic change in the world of jewelry. These gemstones are exquisite, radiant, and beautiful – perhaps some of the most sought after in the whole world. Even if they aren’t natural stones, Swarovski crystals are so wonderfully crafted that no one would guess they are fine leaded glass crystals. Check out these charming pink earrings!

  • The tear drop earrings contain a single Swarovski stone- this piece of jewelry floors you due to simplicity.
  • Swarovski crystals never lose luster – the sparkling brilliance and shine from every facet, especially when light falls on it, lasts forever. Thus you are spared the effort of cleaning and re-polishing.
  • User-friendly design – no complex mechanism to figure out here, the ear wire loops through and you just have to put it on.
  • Loops are made of sterling silver – they are delicate to look at, but quite sturdy, and won’t break, become misshapen, or get rusty.
  • Since the gemstones aren’t really crystals, they don’t have natural mystical properties, but are known to bring positive energy, hope, joy, good luck, and diffuse negative energy.
  • The light pink hue is endearing and not aggressive like fiery red – no wonder the earrings are called “Pretty in Pink”. They are incorporated with its color energies, which state that it is an expression of gentle love and nurturing. It has a calming effect associated with safety.
  • You can wear them with both formal and casual outfits – instead of being over-the-top with elaborate designs, the earrings are versatile, thus making the earrings suitable for work and fun.

Want to own the “Pretty in Pink” earrings? Wish to gift it to someone? Go ahead – order now and give them a place in your collection or surprise a friend with its cute present!


  • 15mm faceted flat Swarovski crystal
  • Sterling silver fancy ear wire



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