Zenned Out: Boho Stacking Magnesite Bracelet

Rei of Light

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Zenned Out has the perfect blend between warm shades of pink and purple and the beneficial effects of the gemstones. The Magnesite has the power to help people overcome all the negative feelings in their lives, bringing instead only positive vibrations. The black Onyx is also a healing stone, having the role to absorb negativity while releasing positivity. These stones are a perfect match to each-other and the the finishing touch is adorned with a silver OM charm. You can wear your bracelet at different occasions and you won’t fail. Wear it alone or combines with a watch or other stacking bracelets from the collection! Be your own Rei of Light!

You will discover that it’s all about the moments that take your breath away, moments like receiving this gorgeous bracelet from Rei of Light. This special piece of jewelry combines bright colors like purple, pink, coral and red, creating a unique effect that instantaneously makes you think about happy things. These are powerful colors that have a positive effect upon the person who is wearing the jewelry.

Happiness is what everybody seeks for and you don’t have to be afraid of the long road ahead of you because Rei of Light will be your guide! We can’t say that we found the recipe for happiness, but we surely want to offer you at least a little bit of joy with our finest pieces.

  • 10mm round smooth Black Onyx
  • 8x12mm rondelle smooth Magnesite (purple, pink, coral, red)
  • 12mm round smooth fuchsia purple Magnesite
  • Fits any size wrist up to 7.5”, inquire for larger size

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