Purple Rein :Love This Life Bracelet Mosiac Purple Magnesite

Rei of Light

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This beautiful piece is called Purple Rein and it was made in honor of the legendary Prince. Just like the artist, the bracelet has unique and beautiful features, that brought together create something special. Get inspired, follow your dreams and sing along the way!

The bracelet is created from love and passion and it brings together gorgeous natural elements that can offer a person inspiration, positive vibes and confidence. The stones used in creating Purple Rein are Mosaic Purple Magnesite, Black Onyx and Lava Rock adorned with a Tree of Life silver charm. The magnesite brings calming effects, helping people overcome nervous and negative feelings. The black onyx has the power to absorb negative energies and spread only positive vibrations. The Lava Rock is just wonderful for calming the emotions, as it stabilizes and grounds the root chakra. Three powerful elements that complete each other and offer beautiful and positive feelings to the person who wear them! Choose love, choose a Rei of Light in your life!

Rei of Light is offering you unique, meaningful and inspirational jewelry made from natural gemstones, stones with healing energies that reveal the power you have within!

We hope that Rei of Light has become an inspiration for you and that you may inspire others. Your precious jewelry will last throughout time!

• Mosaic Purple Magnesite 12mm round smooth stones
• Mosaic Purple Magnesite rondelle smooth stones
• Black Onyx 10mm round smooth stones
• Fits any size wrist up to 7.5”, inquire for larger size

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