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Amethyst: Goddess Earrings: Perception

Rei of Light

  • $55.00

These rich and gorgeous goddess earrings will grace your ears with their earthy and luxurious colors while sharpening your perception of the world around you. These earrings feature a heart-shaped Amethyst with diamond facets meant to catch the light. Each Amethyst is hand wrapped in copper wire and suspended from a vintage textured bronze circlet. The circlets are suspended from copper fish hook earring backs with a short copper and brass chain. Amethyst is a stone that channels your own natural intuition, heightening your perception. As you wear these goddess earrings you will find yourself more at calm allowing you to be at peace with what you find.
  • Rich purple Amethyst is complemented by the golden copper wire wrap
  • Copper fishhook earring backs complement the bronze textured vintage disc

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