Natural Beauty: Smoky Quartz Earrings

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  • $63.99

Sultry smoky quartz earrings to uplift your fashion quotient

Feminine and stunning, you will love our earrings with faceted smoky quartz. These earrings are designed with a slender and elegant ear wires that make them look exquisite. Smoky Quartz is a natural warrior in that it is helps rid negative energies. It is a grounding stone helping us to face reality and all the demands and responsibilities that come with it. Teaches the wearer how to leave things behind that no longer serve.  An excellent antidote to stress it helps tolerate difficult times with equanimity, fortifying resolve.

  • The smoldering smoky quartz with its beautiful hues of brown will steal your heart. Each crystal is cut into a beautiful heart shaped beauty. In the light they positively sparkle and catch anyone’s eye making them a conversation piece. All of the components when put together make a truly unique earring profile. You will find yourself wearing them everywhere you go.
  • We have set these unique smoky quartz faceted gemstones with gold-filled wire to give the earrings a unique look.
  • The ear wires are also gold filled, bright, and lightweight. These earrings are easy to wear and perfect for everyday use.
  • The elegance of the smoky quartz, the gold wire wrapping, and the golden ear wires make these earrings the must have in your closet.

Order your pair today without any delay. These earrings will match your formal and casual outfits. They are ideal for any party or get together. With these earrings, you can always make a fashion statement and make everyone take notice of you.

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