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Inner Strength: Tiger Eye Gold Bail Connector Earrings

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $58.50

Tiger’s eye, as the name suggests, is a rich and colorful gemstone that evokes strong emotions due to its unique color combination. The golden bands with flecks of sand and hints of black-brown will remind you of the wild energy of the tigers. Also known as shapeshifters, the tiger’s eye gives protection from evil forces.

Now you can embrace the healing properties of these exquisite gemstones through earrings. Harness your inner strength and balance your physical and emotional well-being by wearing a pair of tiger’s eye earrings set on a textured gold bar.

The trillion-cut tiger’s eye will steal your heart. We believe in detailing and hence have used a unique cut on the gold bar that holds the stone. Together, they make an exclusive creation that you will love to wear. The universal appeal of the tiger’s eye makes these earrings perfect for different attires.  Get these superbly created earrings for yourself or gift them to your near ones.

Gold looks good with everything, especially on these trillion gold electroplated connectors. Make your creations classy and unique with these lightweight earrings. 


  •  Tiger Eye, Gold Electroplated, Gold Bail, 10mm Zig Zag Single Bail

  • Attached with gold bar component

  • Gold filled Fish hook style ear wire

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