Inner Peace: Exquisite Abalone Marquise Teardrop Gold Earrings

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Holy Mother of Pearl! Check out the Kaleidoscope of Colors!

Abalone is known as Mother-of-Pearl. It makes for exquisite and deeply symbolic jewelry. Abalone enhances feelings of peace, compassion, and love. It has a lovely warm, gentle vibration— a gemstone created in the sea, with a fusion of blues and greens. Considered a treasured piece of beauty throughout the world— just like the ocean's waves with the swirling and rolling in beautiful pattern

It sometimes happens that while shopping, your glance falls on a pair of earrings, and you can’t help but buy them. We guarantee the same will occur once you check out this lovely set of chandelier earrings – you won’t be able to resist!


  • The best part about this pair is its elegant and simplistic underlying charm – it isn’t overly gaudy and a must-have for those meaningful handmade jewelry.
  • Heavy earrings cause strain on the ear lobe, which is why this pair is extremely lightweight and comfortable – you can wear them for hours on end, without feeling the slightest bit of unease.
  • Of course, this piece draws your focus towards the abalone gemstone – it radiates vibrant hues like blue, green, tan, and purple, when light falls on each facet. The combination of these colors creates a glorious kaleidoscope
  • The gold filled earring frame resembles the marquise shape – it is hammered to incorporate more texture.
  • Gold-filled fish hooks make it convenient for you to put on and take off the earrings – no more fumbling with a pinch mechanism!
  • An interesting aspect here is that the rare abalone stone is wrapped in gold to create an even more striking look wire, but the part going up the chandelier is one of our signature wrapping techniques.
  • The abalone gemstone is AAA grade – there is no compromise when it comes to quality, so you can rest assured, the stone will continue to dazzle for a long time. Even the golden polish won’t fade easily.
  • These earrings are a wonderful addition to your collection. You can also buy it for loved ones on birthdays, holidays, and so on.

Don’t delay – hurry and place your order immediately.


  • Gemstone: Abalone encased in a gold pear shape connector.
  • Mechanism: Gold filled fish hook.
  • Wire wrapping: Gold filled.
  • Component: Gold filled marquise chandelier teardrop shape

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