Healing Heart Leather Cuff Bracelet - Rei of Light Jewelry Designs

Healing Heart Leather Cuff Bracelet

Rei of Light

  • $95.00

A striking and stand out center stone of Green and Back Agate set into a black leather cuff bracelet that shows a unique wire wrapped technique weaving sterling silver wire to make the stone the center of anyone’s attention. A truly beautiful, yet completely eye catching style. The single stone is set in the center of a soft high quality leather cuff. The stone itself has beautoful shades of green with black striping throughout that truly bring out its natural Agate beauty. Each stone has its own variation and may not appear exactly as seen. Each handmade bracelet is made for complete uniqueness that is just simply one of a kind. The black leather cuff is made of high quality hide and the more you wear it and play with it the softer it will become. It can fit up to a 9 inch wrist size.
  • Fits a very small wrist with 2 snaps available
  • 2 snaps options available for those with a small wrists. But again can only fit up to a 9 inch wrist.
  • Black leather cuff is standard as seen
  • Agate balances and harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. Cleanses the aura, removing negativity. Gives courage and strength.