Tranquility New Age Necklace: Creativity

Rei of Light

  • $99.00

With three Quartz crystals and one Peruvian Opal, this classically designed yet New Age Necklace is focused on keeping you calm in the midst of life's storms. The single Opal will help tension naturally diffuse while the three quartz crystals amplify the positive and dampen the negative energies around you. The waterfall cascade of the four gems from the sterling silver chain evoke a timeless style that is suitable for any occasion. This new age necklace is perfect for times when you need to keep a calm and clear head amidst life's chaos.  Note: because of the ways that opals are formed in nature, each piece will be unique. However, this does not affect the creative properties of the stone and only makes your necklace unique to you. The opal and quartz are wrapped and suspended from a sterling silver chain with gold filled wire.
  • Peruvian Opal and three Quartz crystals harmonize and reduce negative energy and help promote peace of mind.
  • 17-inch sterling silver chain is a standard length with lobster clasp
  • Many chain lengths available with lobster clasp
  • Peruvian opal and quartz crystals wire-wrapped in gold filled wire
  • May be done in all silver wire upon request or mixed silver and gold. Artist preference is all gold for a classic and stunning look.

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