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Well-Being : Peridot and Pyrite Crystal Chandelier Earrings


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Our Peridot Well-Being Swarowski Crystal Chandelier Earrings feature a green peridot stone combined with dark and light green Swarowski crystals and complimented with a pieces of Pyrite hanging inside a sterling silver teardrop shaped chandelier frame. The stone symbolizes courage and change. The variety of green hues in these earrings will make you feel beautiful for sure. Truly made for any woman’s inner princess. The Peridot stone that hanging at the bottom is shaped in a teardrop. In the light they have been made to positively sparkle and catch anyone’s eye, making them a conversation piece. All of its components put together to make a truly unique earring profile. They will finish off any casual or elegant outfit, and you will find yourself wearing them a lot.
  • One main green peridot stone surrounded by a combination of dark and light green Swarowski Crystal and Pyrite crystals
  • Tear drop shaped sterling silver chandelier frame
  • Fish hook ear wire