Stay Grounded: Boho Unisex Stacking Bracelet

Stay Grounded: Boho Unisex Stacking Bracelet

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Another in our collection of bohemian bracelets, this unisex bracelet has both masculine and feminine translations in the Hawaiian islands. This bracelet offers a  combination of textured matte and glossy Black Onyx stones to create an earthy feeling and bohemian feeling. The darkness of the onyx is counterbalanced by bright chunks of Turquoise and a single chunk of Iron Pyrite threaded onto durable and flexible stretchy wire. The Turquoise and Pyrite are protected from wear by vintage record vinyl rounds, ensuring this bracelet will last a very long time. A black and silver charm showcases a tree of life, highlighting the continuity of this piece. This bracelet is excellent stacked with many of our other stacking bracelets. The dark and bright colors play off of each other making it an eye catching piece.


Turquoise enhances energy wile supporting expression of true emotion. The blue-green stone is powerful enough to balance the chakras to your benefit – it basically boosts intuitive qualities so you fully comprehend that you are responsible for the happiness you bring in life. Wear this bracelet while traveling as turquoise acts as a shield during this time.

    Two different finishes to the Black Onyx makes this bracelet an excellent meditative focus. Soothes emotions and has very strong grounding properties as well as the banishment of negative energies from the environment. It helps to dispel negative thoughts and energies, and allows only good vibrations to get through. This gemstone increases concentration, stimulates thinking and logic and encourages better decision making.

    Pyrite is responsible for shedding light on confusion and clarifying mental processes – you get back control over life by taking the right decisions and course of action. Pyrite helps in openness of communication, provides emotional and physical protection and its reflective qualities make it wonderful for meditation or divination.
    Vintage record vinyl pieces and rondelles look nice as spacers – they add the right touch of color in between.


    • Stacking bracelet
    • Stones: Pyrite nugget that varies in size and shape, faceted turquoise roundels, black onyx in smooth and matte finish.
    • Sizing: Fits up to 7.5-inch wrist using Stretch Magic stringing material for strength and flexibility. Unisex bracelet
    • Tree of Life Charm