Once in A Blue Moon: Agate Leather Choker Necklace

Once in A Blue Moon: Agate Leather Choker Necklace

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $72.00

Elegant Choker Necklace? Yes! Boho Chic Choker? -Yes! 

Choker necklaces are in great demand these days. It really accentuates your overall appearance – your outfit stands out prominently when you wear a choker neckpiece. Try and see for yourself!


  • The gemstone, flat on both sides, is undoubtedly the focal point of the necklace – we have used a gorgeous blue lace agate here. Up close you can clearly make out the bluish tones and lines embedded in the oval-shaped stone. It is practically bursting with color.
  • The brown deerskin leather – it is sturdy and robust, and of excellent quality. The necklace resists rips or frays for a long time. Moreover, it has been doubled for a trendier look.
  • Blue lace agate also exerts spiritual values like inspiring loyalty, trustworthiness, softness, and grace. Facilitating personal expression and mental growth is also its forte.
  • Take a look at the tiny motif attached to the stone – it is a delicate bronze filigree that imparts a unique touch.
  • Yet another embellishment is the bronze and black textured circle that connects the deerskin leather necklace to the stone and filigree.
  • We have used a fish hoop bronze clasp – it gives a nice finishing touch, while keeping the necklace firmly in place.
  • Blue and bronze make a fascinating combination – not too loud, but not plain either. It has subtle charm that is very appealing.

Gemstone is of AAA quality – no compromise in this case. Buy this for your loved ones on birthdays, holidays, and other occasions. In fact, get one for yourself as well. How else will you show off that new outfit you bought or the strappy number you were saving for something special? Place your order soon.


  • Gemstone: Flat blue lace agate.
  • Material: Deerskin leather.
  • Clasp: Fish hoop bronze clasp.
  • Embellishments: Filigree and textured circle, made of bronze.
  • Length: This is a choker style necklace. If requesting longer please send inquiry to specify length and cost.