Feeding The Soul: Black Onyx Geometric Earrings

Feeding The Soul: Black Onyx Geometric Earrings

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Enjoy the Sparkling Glory

Earrings with a geometric aspect are trendy and stylish. They aren’t like typical jewelry – the abstract element is what enhances attractiveness and makes the pair versatile so you can wear it with several outfits.


  • The earring component is rectangular shaped – it imparts an alluring touch to the pair, and gradually draws your focus towards the gemstones.
  • We have used black onyx here – it is carefully faceted so the light beams dance off its surfaces and emit a glittering effect that is enchanting to say the least. Hold the earrings under a light to watch the razzmatazz unfold!
  • Black onyx is a gemstone imbued with powerful grounding properties. If you feel there is too much negativity in your surroundings, it is advisable to keep this gemstone close at hand, as it can banish unwanted energies by absorbing it. Thus only positive vibrations can get through. Black onyx also aids in improvement of concentration, focus, thinking, application of logic and decision making.
  • The earring component wouldn’t be that eye-catching without the unique wire wrap technique that covers part of its lower half where it connects to the stone.
  • Ear wire is fish hook style – it becomes really convenient to put on the earrings, and saves a lot of time and effort. No need to deal with the hassle of ear pinches!
  • Black and gold make a charming combination – that is why we have used gold-filled wire wrapping, component and ear wire.
  • The pair is extremely lightweight – wear it for hours without any discomfort.
  • Attending a party? Going to a bridal shower? Hitting happy hour friends or just chilling at home? These earrings blend well with a myriad of clothing options.

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  • Gemstone: Black onyx teardrop shape.
  • Ear wire and wire wrapping: Gold-filled.
  • Earring component: 20 mm, gold-filled rectangular shape.