Purple Rain: Amethyst Sparkly Earrings

Purple Rain: Amethyst Sparkly Earrings

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  • $62.00

Sparkly Amethyst Earrings

A versatile and beautiful pair, these earrings are perfect for wearing with a stylish evening gown while attending a wedding, a short dress when you go to dinner or happy hour with friends – it will make you look like a diva!


  • The design is simple, but the elegance is reflected spectacularly – it is charming but not extravagant or over-the-top.
  • The marquis shape is frequently used in danglers these days as it imparts a hint of sophistication to the overall piece.
  • The gemstone used here is faceted amethyst – it is heart shaped, with each facade depicted in great detail. You can make out the hues clearly when light falls on the stone. The effect of the dazzling amethyst stones is enigmatic to say the least!
  • Amethyst has a deep inner meaning as well. It offers protection and enhances clarity of mind, while stimulating inspiration and intuition, contributing to the search of deep inner peace and discovering inner wisdom. It is referred to as the Goddess stone, since it does a fabulous job of calming the mind, especially during traumatic situations. Basically, amethyst provides support, promotes love of the divine and encourages selflessness.
  • The stone is wrapped in sterling silver – the two colors blend charmingly to impart a dazzling effect.
  • The oval teardrop earring component that is textured to bring some depth to the frame. Despite the intricate embellishments, the pair is lightweight. Bulky earrings, regardless of how gorgeous they look cause immense strain on the earlobe. These earrings can be worn comfortably for hours and you won’t even feel them except for the powerful energy of amethyst!
  • Fish hook ear wire makes it convenient to wear these earrings, especially when you are in a hurry.
  • Rest assured, the gemstone used is of the best quality – we use only AAA grade stones.

Don’t hesitate – place your order soon and add this amazing pair to your collection! It would make an awesome gift as well.


  • Gemstone: Faceted, heart shaped amethyst.
  • Ear wire: Sterling silver fish hook.
  • Frame and wire wrapping: Sterling silver chandelier style textured frame.