~ I contacted Reí of Light after finding one of their article posts, searching for crystals for pancreas cancer. They seemed knowledgeable on healing stones. My grandma was recently diagnosed with a rare particular type of pancreatic cancer and chemotherapy has brought her a vast amount of pain and hopelessness. I really needed something made for her cancer and chemo to alleviate the pains, just make it a little slower and less hurting.

Brenda got back to me extremely fast, she was well versed in her stone knowledge for sure, very kind and attentive, the process working on a custom piece for my grandma was almost too easy. She had it shipped to me earlier than I expected, less than a week after she started it, and ensured me amazing qualities which were met. Her jewelry meets quality and healing standards.I could feel the strong love and tender energy radiating in the powerful piece. She researched, chose specific crystals, blessed them. It was absolutely beautiful, Brenda was able to fit it to my grandma perfectly just from seeing a few pictures of her.

My grandma fell in love with the delicate beauty. But here is the biggest catch, one day after wearing this bracelet- they finally pinpointed her cancer. They weren’t able to before and so they were sending chemo everywhere; killing her fast. No more! She now has a fighting chance, she’s starting to do a little better. It’s the first good news we’ve heard in months. And it happened 24 hours after she started wearing this specially designed-to her bracelet.

Thank you so much, Brenda. Coincidence, maybe? I don’t care. My family and I have gone from hopeless to hopeful and I’m crying joy, writing this review. 100% the bracelet is helping her. Thank you for existing, please keep making beautiful healing jewelry. You have beautiful compassionate neutering energy and it shows. 🙏

In Gratitude,

Masey and Family