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Champagne Crystal Earrings: True Beauty

Rei of Light

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True Beauty is waiting for you with Champagne Crystal Earrings from Rei of Light Jewelry Designs.

Champagne Crystal Earrings are made of Swarovski crystals which are double wrapped in gold filled copper wire on a long and sassy sterling silver ear-wire. These earrings, called "True Beauty" have the perfect amount of sparkle and are so stunning when the light hits them. They go with everything and make for a great gift. Handmade and delicately crafted, these elegantly styled earrings are made with high-quality Swarovski champagne crystals to attract attention no matter where you are. Subtle and versatile, they make a great accompaniment to any ensemble and an essential addition to your jewellery box. Beautiful, elegant, and simply divine are only a few adjectives that have been used to describe these stunning set of champagne crystal earrings. These earrings are the epitome of True Beauty and  will adorn any earlobe exquisitely and finely complement almost any neckline. Every piece of jewelry from Rei of Light Designs is handmade, hammered and forged by Brenda in her studio in Encinitas, California. She works with all natural stones and materials which are as such subject to natural inclusions and very slight variances in color and cut.  

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