Rebirth: Magnesite and Lava Stone Bracelet

Rei of Light

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Lets have some fun! We manifest and create our lives, this is how life works. We create a goal, set an intention and then we work towards achieving it!

The Rebirth bracelet is a special piece of jewelry that combines the earthy green shades in order to obtain a powerful effect of good vibrations. This bohemian style lava bracelet can always be worn by itself, but it’s also great if you pair it with other stacking bracelets from the collection.

Get in touch with your inner beauty, explore your chakras and find out what spirituality can do for you. The bracelet is created from Magnesite, that comes is a beautiful and strong teal color, black lava and adorned with a Buddha silver charm. The dark shade of green reminds us of our mother nature, the only one that is capable of offering us such beautiful and precious gifts, like this bracelet. The Black Lava rock is known for its calming effects, in the past it was used to calm the soldiers in the battles.

This bracelet bracelet has the role to offer you inspiration and strength to get to that point you’ve always wanted to get. The combination of the gemstones is perfectly chosen because it combines the positive powers of the Magnesite with the beautiful Earthstone, revealing only positive vibrations. They both have the property to get to the surface the positive energies from within. The Earthstone is placed right in the center of the bracelet, being a single stone at a focal point. Let Rei of Light be your personal supplier for all of your gifts in gorgeous jewelry! Discover beauty and let yourself inspired by Rei of Light! 

  • 11mm round teal magnesite and one Earthstone placed at a focal point 
  • 8x12mm rondelle teal magnesite
  • 10mm round black lava rock 
  • The bracelet fits any wrist because it can stretch up to 7.5”, Unisex design