Ebony and Ivory Unisex Bracelet

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Ebony and Ivory Unisex bracelet is designed to be special and unique, just like you. It has black and white Magnesite, powerful stones with healing energies. The Magnesite has a calming effect on the emotional stress, it’s also a great help for people who are nervous, have any level of anxiety or fear. This stone has the great power to induce a positive attitude to life, revealing only positive feelings! The lava rock is a powerful inspiration because just like the name says, it is a lava rock, a powerful item that gets pass anything, nothing could stand in her way. You have to be powerful, confident, never give up and always desire for more, these feelings will definitely keep you on the track of achieving your every goal!

Ebony and Ivory is a special unisex bracelet that although it combines 2 classic colors, black and white, it does that with class, spirituality and positive feelings. It is adorned with a Tree of life silver charm that symbolizes all the good things in your life. If you are a follower of the classic style, the Ebony and Ivory jewelry is definitely the piece for you!

We are not offering just simple jewelry, our pieces are unique and original, made from elements that mother nature has the kindness to offer us. The gemstones used are natural and have great powers that will offer inspiration and powerful positive feelings. Get in touch with your inner beauty and cherish yourself in every way!

Shine bright, discover all the things that make you fall in love! Nature, animals, jewelry, makeup, all these are important things in our lives. Rei of Light is here to offer your everyday dose of beauty, feminity and uniqueness!

  • 14mm round white magnesite
  • 12mm round black magnesite
  • 12mm rondelle black mosiac magnesite
  • 10mm lava rock
  • Fits any size wrist up to 7.5”, inquire for larger size- Unisex design

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