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Timeless Beauty: Blue Topaz Wisdom Teardrop Earrings:

Rei of Light

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Wisdom blue topaz earrings are timeless pieces that speak sexy, classy and elegance all in the same sentence.  A deceptively simple design paired with a stunning choice in materials makes these earrings simply elegant and versatile. The brilliant Blue Topaz faceted gemstones are hand wrapped in sterling silver wire and dangle from a long teardrop chandelier frame. The bottom of the frame is wrapped in more sterling silver wire, creating a continuity that draws the eye upward. These earrings will attract attention no matter where you go. Best of all, these versatile and simply elegant earrings are suitable for everyday wear. The top of the teardrop frame attaches to a fish hook earring back.
    • Brilliant Blue Topaz faceted crystals are cut to catch light and sparkle, drawing the eye.
    • Fish hook earring backs provide greater stability for the chandelier type earring.

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