Your Bright Baby Blues: Swarowski Circular Silver Earrings

Your Bright Baby Blues: Swarowski Circular Silver Earrings

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  • $58.00

Exquisite Swarovski Earrings

To cement your status as a fashion icon, you don’t require flashy jewelry – what you need is a sleek piece, beautifully designed with a gorgeous gemstone that catches attention right off the bat! This pair of danglers fits the bill perfectly and is something you will treasure forever.


  • Blue Sapphire in color these oval to circular shape earrings are versatile and simply elegant. Swarovski crystals are associated with different energies depending upon their color. They are said to bring positive energy, hope and good luck, and diffuse negative energy. The Blue Sapphire stone is teardrop shape so it flows smoothly along the sterling silver handmade earring frame. They are quite striking and look great on all skin tones and hair lengths.
  • Swarovski crystals give off glorious hues and tones as you turn it under a light. Rest assured, your friends will be envious about your amazing taste in jewelry
  • The frame is made of sterling silver wire made into a circular/oval shape design – to incorporate more depth; it is textured by hammering it slightly.
  • The design is intentionally sleek, as we have ensured the pair is lightweight, so you don’t feel the slightest bit of discomfort while wearing it.
  • Ear wire is sterling silver fish hook – wear the earrings and take them off without minimal fuss.
  • The pair is really versatile – it goes well with anything from workout wear, jeans, a lovely gown at an intimate dinner with your special someone, or a strappy short number when you go out to happy hour with friends.

Alternate Option:

If blue isn’t your preferred choice, you can opt for the gold option in Jet Black or Golden Shadow Swarovski earrings instead. It is equally stunning and elegant, and will look great on you! You can check out our Elegance earrings too in silver or True Beauty in mixed metal. 

All gemstones used are of AAA grade as quality is our top priority. Wouldn’t these earrings make an amazing gift for your loved one? In fact, you don’t need an occasion to present these – go ahead and place your order right away.


  • Gemstones: 15.5mm faceted Swarovski crystal.
  • Colors:  Blue Sapphire or also know as Aquamarine in color.
  • Ear Wire and Earring Component: Sterling Silver.