Touch the Sky: Black Spinel and Pearl Earrings

Touch the Sky: Black Spinel and Pearl Earrings

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Behold the Monochromatic Wonder!

If you are fond of wearing geometric shaped jewelry, this pair of earrings is right up your alley. The design is not over-the-top; in fact it is sophisticated and subtle, which matches perfectly with your tastes and preferences.


  • The overall tone of these earrings is monochromatic – it shies away from colorful displays but attracts you via its black, bronze, white, and silver hues. These shades form a powerful combination for those who don’t wear gaudy jewelry.
  • Spiritually, spinel aids in creating energy for life, new inspiration and a sense of new beginnings. It helps to energize the mind and body, and induces optimistic feelings so you view life positively with a refreshed approach. You feel calmer and motivated to achieve your goals in life.
  • Pearls have spiritual importance as well – it is believed to be an epitome of innocence, faith, emotional peace and tranquility. This stone helps to nurture your loyalty, integrity and purity. The energy vibrations of pearl can re-balance deficiencies in the human body when they are worn.
  • The shiny gemstone dangling inside the rectangle is faceted black spinel that looks simple but classy – its no-nonsense aura is what drives your focus towards it.
  • The stones right above (between the rectangle and ear wire) are pearls set in bronze beads that impart an antique-like touch.
  • Ear wire is made of sterling silver – we have used fish hooks for convenience, so you don’t have to deal with pinches.
  • The earring component is located at the bottom and shaped in the form of a rectangle – geometric shapes are the “in thing” these days!
  • Worried about excessive strain on the earlobe? That is why we have ensured this pair is lightweight, so you can flaunt it for hours without feeling any kind of strain.

The earrings can be worn with either jeans and a tee or a formal evening gown as well – they are extremely versatile. Ready to order now?


  • Gemstones: Pearl and faceted black spinel.
  • Earring Frame: Rectangular shape made of sterling silver.
  • Ear wire: Sterling silver fish hook.