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Heart and Soul: Love Chakra NecklaceLabadorite-Pyrite Quartz

Rei of Light

  • $229.00

This uniquely designed love chakra necklace evokes visions of serenity and rejuvenation. It's design uses the combination of the powerful energies of labradorite, pyrite and quartz crystal to help you in your day to day life. A gold wrapped shard of labradorite suspends from the 26-inch bronze curb chain with a love charm resting above your heart chakra. Closing with a faceted labradorite clasp, this chakra necklace is uniquely designed to be more than jewelry, it is also a striking conversation piece. Expect to be asked where you unearthed this find. The love charm when combined with the unique energies of the stones and crystals used in this amazing piece help in opening the heart chakra, opening yourself to love on all levels. Romantic love, self love, love for every being on the earth can all be achieved with our heart and soul necklace. Treat yourself to this unique love chakra necklace and share your positive energy with your loved ones today. Features:
  • Handmade gold circlet with three gemstones (quartz crystal, labradorite, iron pyrite) and a gold plated love charm, suspended at different lengths.
  • Antique bronze curb chain, 26" in length. Can be made longer or shorter, inquire
  • Different lengths available, please specify desired size in order

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