Blue Chalcedony Ruby Necklace

Wonder Woman: Blue Chalcedony Ruby Necklace

Rei of Light

  • $58.00

This stunning necklace is a delicate and whimsical Blue Chalcedony Ruby Necklace with a faceted Blue Chalcedony gem as its focus. This light blue stone is used as a powerful focus for kindness and inner reflection. It is flanked on either side by five Ruby and Labradorite stones. The wisdom of the Rubies amplify the powerful stress reducing energies of the Labrodorite, combining to create a necklace that is as calming and healing as it is simple. The gems are wire wrapped and connected to a thin sterling silver chain. The Keepsake is designed to rest against the heart and throat chakra for maximum effect. Three gems (Ruby, Labradorite, and Blue Chalcedony) combine to create a powerfully calming and healing necklace.
  • Many chain lengths available but looks best shorter.
  • Lobster clasp.