Harmony Necklace: London Blue Quartz Crystal Necklace

Harmony Necklace: London Blue Quartz Crystal Necklace

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Experience Subtle Beauty!

Not overly fond of sporting gaudy jewelry? Want to wear something simple and versatile? This necklace is the perfect accessory that you can pair with formal outfits as well as casual wear – it can be matched with all types of clothing.


  • The centerpiece consists of a single charm – a gorgeous London deep blue quartz crystal that emphasizes the subtle beauty of this piece. The blue shade is really exquisite! It is also known to have soothing effects upon the wearer, so if you are undergoing stress and tension, it might be a good idea to wear this necklace. The gemstone basically absorbs and enhances your natural energy so you feel more focused in life.
  • The cut of the gemstone is particularly unique – it is crafted utilizing the famed trillion cut (common in jewelry making) so each facet is visible and catches the light clearly.
  • Wire wrapping is used to secure the stone firmly – it is gold-filled wire, which is sturdy so you don’t have to worry about the stone becoming loose.
  • The gold filled chain blends in well with the crystal centerpiece – blue and gold make dynamic combination. The polish on the chain is long-lasting.
  • Lobster clasp included is gold filled – the clasp’s mechanism is such that it is super convenient to put on and take off the necklace.
  • Quality is of prime importance, so we have ensured that the stone is of AAA grade – it retains the sparkle for years to come.

Alternate choice:

Do you think the London blue quartz crystal would be better if paired with a silver chain? No problem – this necklace is also available in 925 sterling silver. The clasp and wire wrapping is made of the same material.

This necklace makes a wonderful gift for all occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, and so on. And while you are at it, get one for yourself too – it will be an amazing addition to your jewelry collection. Don’t delay – place your order soon.


  • Gemstones: Faceted trillion cut London blue quartz crystal.
  • Chain, wire wrapping and lobster clasp: Gold-filled or sterling silver.

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