Dance the the Rythm of Life: Labradorite Chandelier Earrings

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $95.00

These special earrings are inspired by the determination and the powerful features that the stones have. You are made to shine and be the person you want to be. Don’t follow anyone else,  just be free to be you! Let the universe dance with you in joy

The faceted labradorite earring with all its intricacies will make you feel joyful. Labradorite is celebrated for its labradorescence, which is the colorful waves of light that play within it. For a strong and striking impression, we have used trillion-cut faceted labradorite set in gold for a touch of elegance. 

  • Labradorite provides support during periods of change elevating consciousness and stimulating intuition.  Labradorite is believed to have magical powers. It protects the wearer from negative energies and brings steadiness in life. You can enhance your willpower and intuition by wearing labradorite. It is a protective stone forming a barrier against undesirable energies. Helps to support the immune system. A wonderful stone for those going through periods of change and transition.
  • Each crystal is cut into a beautiful trillion shaped beauty. In the light they positively sparkle and catch anyone’s eye making them a conversation piece. All of the components when put together make a truly unique earring profile. You will find yourself wearing them everywhere you go.

The gold filled and bronze wire wraps around the teardrop to create a unique and gorgeous look with the gemstone that catches the eye in an instant due to their glow and sparkle. The crystal sways from the teardrop earring frame, creating a beautiful flow and a perfect blend between sensitivity and strength.

These are some statement earrings that every woman should have in her jewelry box. Simple, yet elegant, they represent the most wanted fashion item anyone could ask for.

These gold chandelier earrings are versatile, light weight and you can accessorize them for a casual look or when attending classy, elegant events. They are the perfect for a night out on the town or just for a  beautiful representation of true elegance. Get them for yourself or offer them as a gift, either way they will be appreciated!


  • 12mm faceted trillion cut labradorite
  • The gold filled teardrop is 38x16cm
  • Gold filled wire and gold filled ear wire