Stay in the Flow with Life: Labradorite and Gold Chain Teardrop Earrings

Rei of Light Jewelry

  • $89.00

Remarkably Elegant Labradorite Danglers!

These earrings combine vintage and contemporary elements perfectly – the design  creates a nice fusion that you will proudly flaunt while catching up with friends after a hectic week at work, hitting the gym, or having an intimate dinner with your special someone.

Labradorite has a deep, spiritual meaning too. If you are going through a period of transition in life, it can help by elevating consciousness and stimulating intuition. It blocks unwanted energies, so you aren’t plagued by negative thoughts. The stone is great for helping you to flow with life and embrace new beginnings.

The Labradorite gemstones are of the highest grade and have exquisite hues hidden in each facet; all you have to do is dangle it under the light to watch blue, green, tan, and purple colors bounce playfully. You will be dazzled by the spectacle for sure!


  • These earring are stunning and versatile. They go with different outfits and will quickly become your can be your go-to pair.
  • Earring frame is gold filled in teardrop shape – it is hammered to add texture and refine its structure in an appealing manner.
  • This pair of earrings like all of our earrings are super lightweight and comfortable – you don’t feel the least bit of unease and can focus on looking gorgeous.
  • There are 3 individual gold chains that are sleek, delicate and emit a classy flow like vibe.

The color combinations of these earrings are marvelous – not only do you have the amazing hues of labradorite, but with the gold accents, everyone will want to know where you got them. Ready to place your order?


  • Gemstone: Faceted Labradorite.
  • French ear wire and teardrop shape earring frame: Gold-filled.