Bellissima: Chandelier Labradorite Earrings

Bellissima: Chandelier Labradorite Earrings

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Fashion and Spirituality Blend like Never Before

Wouldn’t you like to wear jewelry that is stylish and has spiritual significance at the same time? This classic pair of earrings set in a gold filled frame with labradorite stones forming the centerpiece is just what you are looking for!


  • As mentioned, the frame is gold filled – it is lightly hammered to texture it, and add overall depth to the piece. The teardrop shape ensures the gemstones stand out clearly.
  • Each earring has a row of 4 stones on each side – they are faceted labradorite roundels that form a V shape.
  • Gemstones are wrapped with gold filled wire – we have purposely kept the wrapping to a minimum so the embellishments are more prominent.
  • Labradorite has a deep inner meaning too – it can provide excellent support when you undergo a period of chance. It helps to enhance consciousness and stimulate intuition. Not only that but it forms a shield against negative energies, so only positive vibrations get through. Lastly, it is believed to make the immune system stronger.
  • It is convenient for you to wear the earrings in a fuss-free manner due to fish hooks attached to the frame.
  • The gun metal black chain down the center incorporates a rustic element to the pair, and dangles playfully when you put them on.
  • Needless to say, the stones emit eye-catching hues of blue, green, tan, and purple on catching the light. Combined with the gold tint of the frame and wire wrapping, along with the gun metal shade of the chain, it creates an exciting mix of colors.
  • These earrings are incredibly lightweight so there is no extra stress on the earlobes, unlike pairs that are heavy and awkward.

These remarkable earrings can be worn with several outfits – be it formal or casual, and paired with other pieces of jewelry as well. You can present these as a gift to loved ones on holidays, birthdays, or any occasion. Hurry and place your order immediately.


  • Gemstone: Faceted labradorite roundels.
  • Mechanism: Fish hook gold filled ear wire.
  • Embellishments: Gun metal black chain and gold filled wire wrapping.
  • Frame: Gold filled teardrop shape chandelier component.





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