Beauty and Grace: Turquoise Mixed Metal Earrings

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Let these copper turquoise earrings make you feel luxurious

Copper turquoise can take your breath away with its deep blue shades with hints of copper. We have used this rare and stunning stone to create a pair of earrings that are a true masterpiece. Every woman will love to wear these striking and light-weight earrings.

Turquoise increases energy in the Throat Chakra supporting the expression of true emotion. It also aligns and balances all the chakras, awakens intuition and transmits the message that one is responsible for one's own happiness. Offers protection especially when traveling.  

  • Bright and bold, you will love the deep blue hues of copper turquoise along with the copper accents that make these earrings so graceful.
  • Copper turquoise is good for strengthening our muscles. It is also good for relieving pain and cramps. It is good for many organs like the liver and eyes.
  • The beauty of these earrings lies in their detailing. Gold filled wire wraps the stones and attaches them to the sterling silver teardrop frame through copper faceted beads.
  • The earring gets its charm from the gold chain with circles that runs through its center and finally ends in an antique copper textured circle.
  • Sterling silver French ear wire will help you to secure the earrings.

Classic and rare, wear these earrings for everyday luxury.


Sterling Silver Textured Teardrop Earrings Frame

Sterling Silver French Earwire

Copper Turquoise stones with a copper  faceted bead, gold chain and antique copper textured circle




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