photo of Circle of Life: Labradorite Hoop Earrings

Circle of Life: Labradorite Hoop Earrings

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  • $50.00

Add a zing to your outfits with these Labradorite crystal hoop earrings!

We often look for something to uplift our mood. If you want to look cheerful and break the monotony, choose these sterling silver earrings with faceted sparkling labradorite gems. Labradorite gives off glorious hues and tones as you turn it under a light. Rest assured, your friends will be envious about your amazing taste in jewelry.

Subtle and versatile, they make a great accompaniment to any ensemble and an essential addition to your jewelry box. Beautiful, elegant, and simply divine are only a few adjectives that have been used to describe these stunning set of hoop crystal earrings.

They are said to bring positive energy, good health, hope, joy, good luck, and diffuse negative energy.  

The sparkling and precision-cut faceted stones in their shape reflect light from every angle making the earrings amazing. The stones emit light in hues of green, purple, and blue that make the earrings ideal to match a wide array of dresses. Wear these earrings to look bright, cheerful and fashionable.

The stones are fixed to sterling silver circular ear wires that make the earrings look really stunning. They are lightweight and come with a unique closure that makes them very easy to wear. You just need to hook the loop to the other end to close them.

Team these earrings with your formal or casual outfits.  They are ideal for daily wear.

When you want to grab attention and be the center of every gathering, don these Circle of Life earrings.