Gemstone Protection Bracelet

Protection Gemstone Bracelet

Rei of Light

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This protection bracelet uses the combined healing properties of sunstone, moonstone, blue sapphire, peridot and quartz crystal to create a bracelet of power and beauty. Meant to enhance the wearer's own natural aura, these semi-precious stones are all used as protective stones in meditation or everyday use. The flat round sterling silver chain join with a wire wrapped prehnite nugget and a textured sterling silver round link. Features:
  • Six semi-precious stones (sunstone, moonstone, blue sapphire, peridot, prehnite, quartz crystal) used to enhance wearer's natural protective aura and promote healing.
  • Total length of bracelet is 6 3/4" to 8", self-adjustable.
    • Different lengths available, please send an inquiry.
  • Lobster clasp closure.

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