Bridget Korn Fundraiser Collection

Bridget is 6 years old and she has diagnosed on 2/2/18 with osteosarcoma. Since then has had her leg amputated and completed approx. 20 rounds of chemo with a total of 32 rounds for the treatment needed. Everyday she fights, she fights through chemo and its side effects, she fights through amputation and learning to walk with her new leg, she fights through her hearing loss, she fights through being separated from her father,brother, and friends. She fights, she is strong, and she is fearless! The family has had to relocate to Memphis and split up (Dad and son are back in AZ for work and school) so that Bridget can receive the best treatment possible. Support Bridget and everyone wins. All proceeds from the Fundraiser Collection are donated to the Korn Family (Jamie is a best girlfriend for almost 2 decades) to help support 6 year old Bridget in her fight to beat bone cancer. I have priced these items at a big discount (win-win) so you receive high quality, purposeful, handmade jewelry at a special price and you are helping to support Bridget Korn and her family with ongoing bills now and in the future. 

Rei of Light Jewelry has raised about $8,000.00  for the family so far with a goal of at least $10,000.00. Thank you for all of the prayers and support.